Château de la Barben

“The most picturesque and the oldest castle of Provence”

Marius Granet

This Provençal jewel, listed Monument, is completely furnished and inhabited.

Anchored on its rock, the medieval fortress (XIth s) was the property of King René which sold it in 1474 to Jean de Forbin. This illustrious Provençal family transformed it into a pleasure palace which remained in their hands during 500 years.

Tour of the appartments, with a period dressed up guide and a riddle game for children (gift at the exit), of about fifteen rooms: chapel, lounge, dining room, leather room, kitchen, bedrooms… richly furnished and decorated.

Tour of the subterranean places (archerie, guardrooms, jails, underground passages) with a medieval knight.

Two treasure hunts around the castle (for child and for adult).

Coffee and souvenir shop