Grotte de la Salamandre

The Incroyable Grotte de la Salamandre, one of the most beautiful caves in Europe, opened to the public for the first time in 2013 It is great for sightseeing lovers as well for those who search for a sensational experience or an original adventure.
Come and enjoy the four possible visits:

  • The lookout point: a panoramic view accessible by wheelchair (first in Europe) ;
  • The guided tour: a fascinating tour of approximately one hour that goes into the heart of an enormous cave adorned with spectacular crystals of titanic proportions, staged with lighting and sound effects ;
  • For fans of adrenaline, the Grand Rappel: an abseiling adventure of 50 meters on which one discovers the immense cave interior from the ceiling. In a group of friends or family, sensational emotions are guaranteed!
  • Backstage of the Cave: a playful aesthetic adventure, though quite sporty. Two hours of caving.

On the exterior of the cave is a beautiful nature reserve. To preserve it, vehicles are left 700m away (except for parking for disabled visitors); one follows a pretty, shaded trail that leads to a welcome building nestled in next to the cliff side. The welcome building, a special architect design made of local wood houses both a pretty boutique, with articles such beautiful local minerals, as well as a cafe serving delicious products that can be enjoyed on the terrace that opens out onto the spectacular view of a nature reserve.