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Travel between the two banks of the Rhône, learning all about the origins of the famous Pont d’Avignon and admiring an augmented reality reconstruction of the bridge. Head to the Pont Saint Bénezet in Avignon, where you will be introduced to the legend and history of this legendary bridge and the famous song named after it. Discover the 3D reconstruction of the structure and download the app to see views of the bridge as it would have looked in various historical eras, as you go along. Cross the Rhône on the river shuttle boat. Stop for a delicious meal at Le Bercail. Hire a bike at the Camping du Pont d’Avignon to continue to the Philippe le Bel Tower. Climb to the top and discover the 3D reconstructions of the tower and bridge on the Villeneuve side. Finally, take in the scenery around the bridge from the Abbey of Saint André’s magnificent gardens.

8 min (700 m)

6 min (450 m)

L'île de la Barthelasse

Suggestion : Le Bercail

from €17

10 min (2,5 km)


La tour Philippe-le-Bel


5 min (1 km)

16 min (3,7 km)


L'île de la Barthelasse

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