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Set off for an outing at the heart of Provence and the Camargue. In a unique location, see how perfumes extracted from organically grown plants are made. In St Gilles, visit a unique place on the Way of St James pilgrimage route. Stop for lunch at the restaurant Le Cours in St Gilles. Then head to the Camargue nature park, where you can visit the museum dedicated to the park and take a 4×4 tour of its exceptional natural environment.

15 min (14,7 km)


Abbey church of Saint-Gilles

1hfrom €4

3 min (450 m)

6 min (450 m)


Suggestion : Hôtel Restaurant Le Cours

average price €24,50

15 min (15,6 km)


Camargue Museum


24 min (26,3 km)


Camargue Alpilles Safaris

tours : 2h-4h-day

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