Route ideas

Around the Chauvet Cave 2 : flavours of Ardèche

At the Chauvet Cave 2, visit humanity’s first masterpiece, in which hundreds of animals drawn on the spot are shown hunting, running and fighting. Enjoy a stroll in the little village of Barjac and stop for delicious food at the restaurant Nature et Thé. At the Nougaterie du Pont d’Arc, you can enjoy a few of the nougat factory’s sweet treats, locally and artisanally made. In Lussan, discover the goat’s cheese, a typical product of the region.


Chauvet 2 Cavern – Ardèche


21 min (18,0 km)


suggestion : Nature & Thé

average price €25

13 min (11,3 km)


Nougaterie du Pont d’arc

45 minfree

33 min (32,3 km)


Fromagerie les Brebis de Malataverne

45 minfree