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Chauvet 2 Cavern – Ardèche

At the origins of art

Discover the 1st great masterpiece of humanity dated 36,000 years ago: hundreds of animals drawn from life, hunting, running or fighting each other.

In a 20-hectare park, the Chauvet 2 – Ardèche cave, the largest replica of a cave in the world, restores the magic of the Chauvet cave, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Who were our artistic ancestors, in what world did they evolve, what animals surrounded them? To find out, go to the Aurignacian Gallery! The ticket includes the guided tour of the cave, access to the Aurignacian Gallery, entertainment during the holidays and access to the exhibition hall.

    ANIMAL, from Prehistory to Street Art is an immersive 360° show with animated images and music in the large exhibition hall. Continuously every day.

Restaurant and shop on site.

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