Idées de parcours

Discovery trail

In Laudun, take a walk among the ruins of the Camp de César, an ancient Roman city, and then visit Bagnols sur Cèze. At the Léon Alègre Museum, you will be able to discover a rich collection of archaeological objects found at the region’s archaeological sites. Don’t miss the Albert André Museum of Fine Arts and its Impressionist and Post-Impressionist works. Stop for tasty food in the magnificent setting of the Château du Val de Cèze.
Then at Visiatome, have fun learning about all the energy challenges that face us all.


Site archéologique Camp de César

Office de Tourismefree

20 min (13,3 km)


Musée Léon Alègre


7 min (550 m)


Musée des Beaux Arts Albert André


3 min (1,1 km)


suggestion : Château Val de Cèze

average price €26

6 min (6,8 km)


The Visiatome

1h €4