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Vouland Museum

Enter the intimicy of a collectioner’s house, in a garden in the heart of Avignon

Known as the “18th century house” in the heart of Avignon, this mansion belonged to Louis Vouland, a french food-processing industrialist who gathered a great collection of decorative art and wished for his house to be turned into a museum after his passing. Inside, the visitor is invited to get a glimpse of 17th and 18th century French taste throughout the display of furniture stamped Migeon, Ellaume or Tuart, its rare set of earthenware and porcelain, its tapestries, its watchmaking pieces, along with its various fine goldsmith works and chandeliers.

Alongside the Decorative Arts works, the Louis Vouland Museum keeps a very important collection of artworks from Provence and Languedoc, focusing on “the new school of Avignon”. Paintings and drawings are regularly taken out of our Reserves to be exhibited along with works from other collections or contemporary artworks thus creating a dialogue between the artworks themselves but also with the visitor.

The mansion opens to the south on the garden which has gone through various twists and turns but is now fully recovered and a well appreciated haven of tranquility and peace in the agitated city of Avignon.

An intimate museum favors encounters!

Modern or contemporary works are part of the permanent collections to surprise and amaze our visitors. Chamber music concerts resonate with the seasons, indoors or in the garden when the weather gets warmer. Visits, workshops, conferences and readings regularly animate the museum.

The museum team does its best to maintain and tighten its links with its partners and patrons; the Friends of the Louis Vouland Museum (Les Amis du Musée Louis Vouland) play an active role in the life of the museum, and its volunteers provide constant support.

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