Musée de la Romanité



Enjoy a historic experience!

A surprising trip back in time in Nîmes, opposite the 2000-year-old amphitheatre. The history of Nîmes—22 centuries—starts around the sanctuary at the spring that was the origin of the town, with a monumental projection reconstituting a magnificent Roman pediment. Displays include life in a Gallic household with everyday objects of the time and then Roman mosaics set against reconstituted coloured walls. The view of the Roman arena behind the rampart is just as if you were there 2000 years ago—thanks to augmented reality. Then a trip through the Middle Ages shows the Roman influence in the city right up to the present day. This exceptional collection is brought to life by 65 multimedia installations.

Housed in contemporary architecture that is like folds in a toga and whose glass sheets are reminiscent of a mosaic, the venue is very much alive—a museum that is both scientific and innovative with a restaurant, a Mediterranean garden and a 360° rooftop view that includes one of the finest buildings in Nîmes.

From 2 June to 24 September: ‘Gladiators: Heroes of the Coliseum’

Find out about these tremendous heroes who are often little known. This exhibition from Italy reveals their world and invites you to spend a day in the arena. It is your last chance to see an exhibit that has been all around the world.