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Easy, fascinating visits using multimedia resources

Today, interesting places increasingly use new technologies to offer visitors interactive, educational visits that are fun and accessible to all. Thanks to interaction and to the connection between various digital devices, visitors enjoy rich and captivating experiences enhanced by videos, visioguides, mobiles, tactile tablets, 3D imagery and augmented reality….

Bienvenue en Provence recommends discovering or rediscovering some of the major sites which now offer a range of multi-media experiences…

3D spaces at the Chartreuse de Villeneuve les Avignon


The Carthusian monastery


La Chartreuse proposes two 3D spaces where visitors have an expanded vision of the monastery. Come see what can no longer be seen – discover through 3D restitution many of the architectural elements that have vanished, and see church paintings and furnishings that were scattered in various museums after the French Revolution.

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Multimedia journey through the Palace of the Popes


Le Palais des Papes


The Papal Palace now offers a new multimedia visit with the Histopad touchscreen tablet in 7 languages.

Nine of the main rooms in the Palace of the Popes leap to life with their decors from the 14th century. Audio and written descriptions, videos, music and sound accompany the interactive discovery of the rooms in the Palace. 360° views provide visual close-ups in rooms where the frescoes and murals are too fragile to be approached.

Animated drawings orient visitors and show you where you are with respect to the itinerary through the Palace.

Fun animation takes younger visitors into immersive views, stimulating their curiosity and animating the visit. The reality-enhanced rooms each have a virtual object in which an ancient coin is hidden. Open the secret hiding places in a trunk, look under the magnificent plates serving the papal banquets, explore an extravagant table ornament to find the coin. Young visitors to the Papal palace love this interactive, educational activity that is rewarded with a surprise.

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The Avignon Bridge in 3D imagery

A new multimedia visit with: audioguide in 11 languages, digital tablet in French and English, film and exhibition on “The Bridge is Back” telling the scientific adventure where 5 CNRS laboratories worked for 4 years on recreating the Avignon Bridge and its surrounding area in a 3D digital model.

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The Roman Amphitheatre in Nîmes takes you back to the age of gladiators


Arènes de Nîmes


The Arènes – the Roman amphitheatre in Nîmes, has a new augmented reality app  for tablets. A brand-new type of visioguide app combines an audioguided visit in 13 languages, photos and videos. In all 18 different points of interest are proposed. Each has its own slide show, descriptions and videos. The real key of this augmented visit is a 3D recreation that shows visitors how the amphitheatre was in the 2nd century and in the 17th century.

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The theme of water at the Pont du Gard


The Pont du Gard


Throughout the museum at the Pont du Gard, multimedia technology gives a real-life scale to images from the past. A multi-screen film on water takes you into the city of Nîmes past and present. You discover the role of water and scenes from daily life, through videos, sound and illustrations of the ancient and present-day city.

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Vaison la Romaine and a virtual visit of “La Maison au Dauphin”!

Sites archéologiques

Vaison-la-Romaine Sites antiques


An animated film takes you on a virtual visit of the Roman villa with a 3D reconstitution of the best-documented house in Vaison. Alternating images of the archaeological site and computer graphics, the film tells the story of La Maison au Dauphin – the House with the Dolphin. You see all the volumes, architecture, interior and outdoor as you visit the entire house and take part in scenes from the daily life there.

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