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Opposite Avignon, on the other side of the Rhône, discover all the rich heritage of Villeneuve les Avignon, a medieval town. Take a stroll on the wall walks of Fort Saint André and in the remarkable gardens of the abbey, which offer exceptional viewpoints. Appreciate the serenity of the three cloisters at the Val de Bénédiction Charterhouse, before stopping for a delicious treat at Maison Bronzini (restaurant, shop and olive oil mill). Climb to the top of the Philippe le Bel (Philip the Fair) Tower, which overlooked the point of access to the famous Pont d’Avignon bridge, before finishing your cultural tour at the Pierre de Luxembourg Museum and the Collegiate Church of Notre Dame.


The Fort of Saint-André


8 min (650 m)

2 min (160 m)

Suggestion : Maison Bronzini

from €21

15 min (1,2 km)

10 min (800 m)

1 min (110 m)


Collégiale Notre-Dame

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