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Cosquer Méditerranée

A history dating back 30,000 years ago

The Cosquer cave was discovered in the depths of the calanques in 1985 by the diver, Henri Cosquer. The cave is a real archaeological and prehistoric treasure, containing engravings, drawings, stalactites, stalagmites and other unique concretions. Due to its location and historic value, the Cosquer cave is inaccessible to the public and sadly in danger of disappearing due to rising sea waters. 

Discovering history with a capital H 

To introduce as many as people as possible to the history of the Cosquer cave – from its discovery by Henri Cosquer to the traditions and customs of the homo sapiens who left their mark on the cave’s history – a replica identical to the original has been opened right in the centre of Marseille. 

You will set off for an adventure on board an exploration module – a sort of autonomous lift with a capacity for 6 people – to the sound of an audio-guide commentary. The visit to the replica is a chance to see paintings and engravings made 30,000 years ago in a quiet and contemplative atmosphere.

Then you gradually return to the light, and the experience continues with a visit to the archaeological education centre, as well as the lifesize bestiary, with thirteen replicas of animals living in the Upper Palaeolithic era and echoing the animals painted on the cave walls. Children love it!

A visit in several stages

• A replica of the Cosquer cave and its decorated panels, including the penguin family 
• A space for the senses, devoted to underwater diving
• A film showing how the cave was discovered
• An educational tour focusing on prehistoric times and the rise in sea levels
• A shop and book store
• Restaurant area
• An amphitheatre and conference rooms

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