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Le Carbet Amazonien

The Amazonian Carbet is born of a great passion for entomology, skills acquired for more than 30years and an experience of tropical horticulture and breeding of South American butterflies.

In an enchanting setting of more than 500m2, a true tropical paradise hosting hundreds of wingedwonders, you will be able to observe the complexity and the magic of the metamorphosis of butterflies that will evolve, feed and reproduce naturally around you.

Breeding is also a very important educational aspect.

The temperature never exceeds 29 ° and the hygrometry is 80% (even in periods of heatwave).

Entomology is a world that is often unknown and we invite you to share our passion.

A place to discover with family or friends, a change of scenery guaranteed for young and old!

Recommended camera !!!

(Breeding also of palearctic butterflies (of our fauna), let loose of butterflies for wedding and other events)