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Step through the gates of this impressive stronghold and there you are: the delicate Renaissance court yard is yours! Stroll through the parkland and gardens to the remarkably preserved “jeu de paume” playfield. Take your family on an entertaining time travel journey and step into the shoes of a young aristocrat for a day in the life at the castle: from virtual jeu de paume, to orienteering tracks or play paper chases, what a fun discovery of history!

Overhanging the Côtes du Rhône vineyard, Suze-la-Rousse castle has witnessed 800 years of history.

At the beginning, there was a simple dungeon flanked with a defensive tower, but the castle kept on growing till the end of Middle Ages when it became a solid stronghold. With Renaissance, the castle is at its peak with freshly built apartments and a court yard, while the park and gardens are embellished by the addition of a jeu de paume playroom.

On September 21st, 1564, the soon to be king Charles IX, along with his mother, Catherine de’ Medici, were hosts of landlord François de la Baume, Lord of Suze.

A century later, the castle transforms into a lodge dedicated to pleasure and entertainment: large windows are created to fully enjoy the surrounding landscape and a whole refurbishment operation is carried out to bring new decors to the castle’s rooms.

Today, guests can enjoy a visit at the castle all year round, with a program of entertaining events and tours that addresses all audiences.

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