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Atop Montélimar’s heights stands the medieval palace: time to take a tour!

Montélimar castle was home of the influential Adhémar family – the city was eventually named after them. A true Roman architecture gem, the castle features remarkable arcade windows and chemin de ronde with an incredible panorama. Several fun and entertaining tours are available: scale models, paper chases, immersive sound experiences, virtual reality scenario and games will bring Middle Age to life!

History with children’s eyes

Whether our visitors are young amateurs with a knack for history heirlooms or simply curious minds, we encourage children and adults to explore this one of a kind castle: several visiting courses include games and fun activities for all ages. All courses cover the castle’s history and its architecture, the daily routine of Lords and their subjects, customs and rituals commonly used during Middle Age and how the City of Montélimar governed and was governed over the ages.

This project of setting up innovative, off the beaten track visiting courses for guests was initiated and carried out by local professionals and children, as part of collaborating plans and initiatives.

GOOD TO KNOW: Download the free visit app « Château de la Drôme » on stores.

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