Chauvet 2 Cavern – Ardèche

The origins of art

Discover the first masterpiece of humanity from 36000 years ago : hundreds of hunting, running or fighting animals drawn from life.

In a 20 acres park, the Pont d’Arc Cavern (largest cave replica in the world) recreates the magic of the UNESCO World Heritage listed “Chauvet cave”

Who were our artistic ancestors? What world did they live in? What animals surrounded them? Explore the Aurignacian Gallery to find out!

The entrance ticket includes a guided tour of the Cavern, a self-guided tour of the Aurignacian Gallery and access to activities and workshops for the whole family during school holidays.

Have lunch at our restaurant and enjoy its panoramic view. And don’t forget to stop by the gift shop for unique souvenirs!

In 2020, “Experience prehistory at the Chauvet 2 cave” and follow our ances- tors as the seasons change. Want to learn how to light a fire without a ligh- ter, hunt bison with a spear thrower or create great cave art . Learn and have fun during the half term and summer school holidays and every weekend in March, April, May, June and September!

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