Suze-La-Rousse Castle

Bucolic Fortress

Visit this spectacular military castle turned into an aristocratic residence. Soak up the atmosphere of this fascinating place through a historic and interactive tour. Enjoy the park as well as the 16th century Jeu de Paume, the best preserved in the world.

In the Drome region, part of Provence, in the heart of a vast landscape shaped by wine making for centuries, the chateau of Suze-la-Rousse rises its powerful architecture. Property of the Lords of the Baux, co-princes of Orange, the chateau became a military fortress through many extensions and transformations. It is then turned into a stately home in the 16th century, with a Renaissance style magnificient grand courtyard. The inside arrangements continue into the 17th and 18th centuries with the plaster work decors. The Drome Department acquires the chateau in 1965, one year after its listing as an heritage site. 

A large park (garenne) sprawls around the chateau where a 16th century jeu de paume, a chapel and a dovecote are still standing. 

A rare collection is displayed in the chateau’s rooms and presents the history of the place, the people who inhabited it and the wine’s traditions at different times. Cultural events also take place at the chateau (concerts, exhibitions,conferences). 

Since 1978, the site has housed the Université du Vin, an internationally renowned university that offers a wide range of oenology training courses.