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Grignan Castle is an architectural gem located in South East France, it is a thousand years rich of history.  Mentions of the fort were already noted as early as the 11th century, and the castle was turned into a pleasant Renaissance mansion designed for the Adhémar family.

Picture this: prosperity and splendor were at their highest during the 17th century, when horse-drawn carriages brought guests to the Main courtyard. Luxury displays and grand feasts were common at Count of Grignan’s household, then Governor of Provence.

He married Marquise de Sévigné’s daughter, Françoise, in 1669: this famed pedigree (Marquise de Sévigné will soon become a famous writer) only uplifts the monument’s prestige for years and centuries to come.
Oddly enough, The Marquise’s fame as a talented writer will only grow after her death and will spread upon the Château, when the abundant and inspiring correspondence and mail she exchanged with her faraway daughter was revealed. The Marquise passed away in 1696 while visiting her daughter and son in law at Chateau de Grignan.

The castle was dismantled during the French Revolution but later rebuilt: in the early days of the 20th century, Marie Fontaine devoted her fortune as an heiress to rebuilding the castle: a monumental project!

The castle has received the Musée de France official credentials and label. During their visit, guests will discover many artefacts and testimonies of the French and local ‘art de vivre’ across the ages, including through recreational and cultural events that address all audiences.

Every summer, theatre plays set in with ‘Festival des Fêtes nocturnes’: the main court yard hosts a novel theatre creation and the play will last for over 40 shows, amounting to a global audience of 35 000. Famous play writers, authors and actors (Philippe Torreton, Béatrice Dalle, Marie-Claude Pietragalla, Daniel Mesguich, Didier Bezace) enjohave already enjoyed a delicious summer at Grignan.

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