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La Barben Zoo

La Barben

La Barben animal park


In the very heart of Provence, La Barben zoo is a great place to get away from it all in a beautiful green setting of Mediterranean vegetation. On the highlands overlooking the Salon region, the zoo grounds cover 33 hectares with 9 kilometres of paths among the green oak trees, taking visitors through the animal kingdom. The zoo is an experience of immersion in wildlife, with its 700 animals : tigers, lions, rhinoceroses, giraffes, elephants, cheetahs, reptiles…representing over 130 species!

There have also been many births which now enrich our visitors’ discoveries. Special events are proposed, such as birds in flight, see the keepers at work… Check our agenda of events when planning your visit:

Carbet Amazonien: raising butterflies in a tropical paradise


The Carbet Amazonien


Take off for another world when you come admire the butterflies from faraway countries.

The Carbet Amazonien is a true tropical paradise that will take you up up and away. You can observe the complexity and magic of the metamorphosis of butterflies as they evolve, feed and reproduce one hundred percent naturally in this setting. See the areas the caterpillars grow up in – amidst green plants that the caterpillars love. Observe the various different steps in the growth cycle of the caterpillars and see the spaces where the plants evolve.

Take off on an enchanting journey, on a trip amidst the butterflies and their magnificent colours!


Ferme aux Crocodiles: Welcome to the fascinating world of reptiles!


La Ferme aux Crocodiles


10 species of crocodiles, giant tortoises from the Seychelles, giant turtles from the Galápagos, weighing 80 to 150 kg, Monitor lizards, serpents, tropical fish and birds …. Over 400 animals thrive at La Ferme aux Crocodiles! Beautiful greenhouses full of vegetation, covering 8000 m² and 1200 m² make La Ferme aux Crocodiles the biggest tropical greenhouse open to the public in France. Outdoor grounds over 4000m². A true garden of botanical and horticultural interest, for there are over 600 tropical plant species growing here.

The Ferme aux Crocodiles also supports scientific research, and the conservation of animal species, with its laboratory and hatchery.

Special events, talks, playground for children  … At the Ferme aux Crocodiles, everything has been thought through for a magnificent family outing!

See the video coverage on TF1

croco 3

Seaquarium: new sharks at Grau du Roi!


Seaquarium Institut marin


There are two ways to visit an aquarium: sit back and watch, or take part and get involved in the marine world.

There are nearly 200 marine species at home at the Seaquarium that you can see throughout your visit… Also see the amazing Requinarium, unique space in Europe entirely devoted to sharks, with over 25 species of rays and sharks, in 4 pools. The biggest pool – with 800,000 litres of water, takes up 2 floors.

Fascinating and educational for all ages – entrancing for the eyes! Five different species of sharks!

Camargue off-the-beaten-path: a 4-wd safari!


Camargue Autrement


No safaris do not just exist in Africa. In Camargue, there are great outings in 4-wd vehicles to explore the Camargue, full of history and culture. And there are eight highly qualified guides to share with you their knowledge and help you forge unforgettable memories.

Explore these authentic landscapes, discover and learn. Hear all about the area, and see the pink flamingoes take flight.

No need to wait a moment more, take off for the adventure of exploring Camargue!

Bateau Tiki 3: Come on board!


Boat : Tiki III


Discover the heart of Camargue – the mouth of the Petit Rhône at the Bac du Sauvage, accessible only by the water. Learn all about the area as the Captain describes the Camargue. Observe the fauna (bulls, horses, herons, egrets, bee-eaters…) and the flora (the wetlands, pine forests, statices, prairies of Salicornia or glasswort…).

Stop along the way to visit a Camargue ranch, known as a manade, raising horses and bulls, accompanied by the gardian.

All on board, the Captain awaits!


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